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Subdivision Roadway Construction

Vaughan Paving Ltd. has completed several new residential subdivision roadway projects over the years. Vaughan Paving normally takes the project over from sub base level and performs all grading, granular placement, base and top stage curb, sidewalk, and paving operations. In some cases we have taken on complete projects including site servicing which is performed by our sewer and watermain division Direct Underground Inc. Together we have completed subdivision from 30 homes to 550 homes.

Vaughan Paving also specializes in complete top stage works for subdivisions and roadways. Developers and home builders sometimes wait several years after their roads are built to base stage so that they can complete building their homes as to not damage the new roads during the homebuilding process.

Vaughan Paving has worked with many consultant engineers and municipalities to put together deficiency lists and complete any necessary concrete or asphalt repairs, adjustments of manholes and catchbasins, flushing of sewer lines, installation of required street signage, top curb, sidewalk and top course paving. Having all the resources in house allows Vaughan Paving to work with developers and engineers in tight timeframe situations to get projects completed quickly and get Township approval on their properties.