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Parking Lot Construction & Reconstruction

Vaughan Paving has made its name on parking lot constructions and reconstructions.  Our full line of services compliments this type of work and our attention to detail and sound construction ensure that our client’s final result is a clean, solid parking lot. Our knowledgeable, professional staff can offer many suggestions and scenarios to clients to ensure that a parking lot is built the right way to keep maintenance down the road to a minimum and minimize your bottom line and long term costs.

Vaughan Paving’s expertise in partial and full reconstruction of parking lots is well known throughout the industry. These reconstructions can vary from simply grinding or pulverizing the existing asphalt , re-grading the existing granular base, and re-paving, to the complete removal and reinstatement of curbs, sidewalk, asphalt, gravel & dirt.

To suit our client’s needs, we have also performed this work on nights, evenings, and weekends as well to minimize the disruption to their tenants.