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Environmental Policy

We at Vaughan Paving believe that our on going success is dependant on respecting the environment and the sustainability of our practice. This means that we will not only comply with all applicable laws and regulations, but we will also take the initiative to encourage and implement pollution prevention strategies as well as maintaining sustainable development principles as a key point in all decisions and planning.

We take pride in our efforts to constantly improve our environmental performance and it is our goal to ensure these efforts are on going as well as setting the standard in our industry. We strive to use energy and natural resources more efficiently and effectively, minimize water consumption and discharges, minimize our waste and dispose of any in the most environmentally friendly method, and to reduce air emissions.

Vaughan Paving is committed to preserving the environment as well as the health and well being of all people in every community we have the privilege of doing work for.

Our Initiatives

  • Minimize the exposure of our employees and the communities in which we work in to any potential environmental risks.
  • Operate our facilities, vehicles, and machinery in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Include environmental impact analysis in all decision making processes and planning.
  • Minimize the amount of waste produced by incorporating an effective recycling program.
  • Provide employee awareness to improving environmental performance during meetings and on-site visits
  • Hold general meetings to brainstorm new ideas and methods of improving environmental performance amongst management.
  • Advise all sub-contractors to adhere to our environmental policy and to respect our values when working on our job-sites.