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Vaughan Paving prides itself in being a very efficient and self sufficient company both in the office and out in the field. Vaughan Paving runs its own concrete, grading, excavation, paving, sawcutting, and grinding crews so a lot of the work for any project would be completed in house. We conduct scheduling meetings twice daily to ensure that we give our clients accurate schedule dates keeping both weather and unforeseen events in mind. Our staff is in constant communication with or superintendants and site foreman in the field so our stream of communication from the jobsite to the office is continuous and frequent to resolve any onsite issues and to ensure our schedules are met.

When undertaking a project that is time sensitive and requires the expertise of several subtrades, we conduct a general meeting with all of our subtrades at our office prior to any work commencing on site where we go through an in depth analysis of the project and our collective plan of attack to complete the project. This we find gets a lot of questions answered and a lot of issues get resolved and are brought to our client’s attention before they become problems. This allows us to schedule our subtrades in a timely manner to ensure the project goes forward efficiently.

Vaughan Paving is very particular with which subcontractors we use on a project as we want to make sure that their quality of work and commitment to completing a project on time is at the same level as ours. We have worked with many highly qualified electrical, excavation, sewer & watermain, landscaping, and pavement marking contractors and during a project we are in daily communication with then and their teams to ensure continuous work on site.

Our project managers and site foreman conference call daily as well to make sure that our schedules are forecasted accurately and any variations or deviations are communicated to all parties and owners in a timely fashion.

Vaughan Paving is well known industry wide and prides itself in the quality of the products and projects we construct. All of our employees are trained with WHMIS, traffic safety courses, and MTO CVOR training. Most of our workforce has worked with us continuously over the past 20 years or so, ensuring consistency amongst our crews and our quality.

In order to ensure a quality product is constructed for our clients, we ensure that specifications are met and where possible exceeded by our material suppliers. We make sure that all specifications are forwarded to our suppliers and that proper mix designs and shop drawings are approved prior to commencing work. Our material suppliers have very stringent quality control and assurance policies as well which can be forwarded to you for your perusal upon your request.

Our schedulers and project managers constantly review the weather forecasts almost hourly to ensure that work for weather sensitive items only proceed when the weather looks favourable for a quality product.

Our project managers and site foremen are provided with full specification books and drawings for every project they are on so that they have access to all updated specifications for their given project. They are constantly checking and reviewing work on site, formwork, etc. to ensure that what we are building meets the specifications of the client. We also provide all site foremen and project manager’s contact information with our clients representatives so that there is a direct line of communication for our client to our on-site personnel.